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        牋 Yancheng Huazhan Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. Website new revision
        牋牋牋My company specializing in the production of petro-chemical equipment manufacturers, after years of hard work and development, has now formed a certain production scale, the entire company's existing 110 workers, engineers and technicians 20 people, nearly all kinds of hot and cold processing equipment Units kits, testing equipment, with the mechanical properties testing center, our company's advanced production technology and equipment reasonable, well-equipped, strong technical force.....
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        ellhead & X'mas tree
        Casing head
        ZQ Drill Pipe Power Tongs
        Choke Manifold
        Ram Blowout Preventer

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        Add :No.9 Jing six loadJinhu Industrial Park,Jianghu city China Tel:0086-515--86222228 86277818.??:0086-515--86159098.
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